Bird Control Post as well as Wire Network

Product Information

Even the Bird cable network Meant to utilize bird control Manchester Against Seagulls as well as Pigeons control in places where their actions is popularly considered to be a mild species. It is proper for new structures in which birds have still not started to nest, in addition to for roof ledges on glass-faced properties to avoid mosquito thing from fouling the façade. It’s practically undetectable from the bottom flat and can have an easy chicken netting management solution without even having care. They give a whole variety of design and layout, or we will offer the items directly to self-installation.

Fowl Wire Control Device
This method consists of Stainless Steel nylon-coated cables, that might be tensioned with a mechanism and mended in between the supports. After the birds first seek to put feet, they hit the precarious Wire wired stopped from wanting to land onto the frame.

Key Requirements

• Ledge safety around 300 mm long
• Stainless steel grade 304 with Twenty Five years past rust Insurance Policy
• Stronger Wire.42 mm cable with enhanced electrical power.
• Long-term wire lock twist, which makes it almost not possible to allow your own wires to collapse out.

• The portions require less adhesive to stay in area. The foundation has equipped with eight’keying’ holes, as well as the coating oozes in the holes, and locks the spike onto the top.

• The pins will be 330 M M long in Addition to 1600N / M M electrical Secure

Stainless Steel Posts
The supports, Together with wiring, are Assembled of stainless steel as well as offer with 25-year protection from rusting Mechanical Fix A ny-lon rivet is put to a weary hole and then pounded into situation. Even the rivets include domed heads which help keep water out of entering.

Adhesive Device
There Can be a horizontal pole holder That Could mend To eliminate such a need to dig to frameworks. If it’s necessary to cover a huge ledge, our multiple-post holder is fantastic for raising the number of attachments essential.